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Unfortunately due to our large volume of users Our Servers cant handle it, Pastormail needs to be set up to send and receive via a Gmail account. Please check Send and Receive Pastormail through Gmail Users will be unable to send email through directly but will still be able to receive them.

Free Email Accounts for Pastors and Ministers Everywhere.

Are you a Pastor? If you are a Senior Pastor, Childrens Pastor, Young Adults Pastor, Mens Pastor, Womans Pastor, Lay Pastor, Chaplain, or any other type of Pastor, This is for you. Join other Pastors from around the world, including Australia,USA ,South Afica, England, India, Afghanistan, Brasil and more using this ministry tool.

Sign up for as your email address and get an email address that says who you are. Stand Up and Stand Out in your online community. This service is FREE and Free Forever for all Pastors and Ministers.

Welcome to the many Pastors from persecuted nations, where proclaiming the Word of God puts your lives at risk. We pray for safety for you and for your people. Part revenue raised through advertising is directed to Churches who are persecuted.

Professional is a Free Professional Email Service that is designed and created for Pastors and Christian Ministers everywhere. You have probably heard of Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail well this is and its exclusively for Pastors.

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